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  •  This product can improve skin texture and even reduce the appearance of acne scars or stretch marks and aging. Great to use as a moisturizer or to our Detox Masque or to neutralize our Calming and Clarifying Chemical Peel in the treatment sequence but great to use in home care as a day moisturizer or a night oil. Not for skin repair.  Skin Rejuvenating Oil will create moisture and cell turnover, healing and free radical neutralization through vitamin A,C & E. Skin Rejuvenating oil is and oilfine enough topenetrate the skin's pores. Not only do the fatty acids and Vitamin A in rosehip oil moisturize the skin, but they also promote skin regeneration, and can improve skin flexibility and permeability.  **Contains Rosehip Oil.
  • 100% Rosehip Oil. 

Skin Rejuvenating Oil 4oz.

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Rejuvenating Oil 4oz
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Rejuvenating Oil 4oz
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