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Queen Taylor Menu of Services


Mandatory Facial

(Deep Cleansing Facial)

(90 minutes)  $120

This facial includes a triple cleansing and deep hydration. This facial will clean and tightens pore size, great for first time clients Includes a Skin Care Consultation & Skin Analyzation

Intensive Facial

(120 Minutes) $150

Advanced Machine Facial using every part of the electrical machine, Intensive exfoliation, Deep cleanse, advanced electro-massage techniques, deep hydration-tightens pore size Includes a Skin Care Consultation & Skin Analyzation

Brightening & Lightening Facial

(60 Minutes) $105

This facial is great for hyperpigmentation. This treatment will include cleanse & exfoliate, massage, and apply brightening mask. We will continue to layer in lighteners to diminish old worn dull hyperpigmented skin.


Maintenance facial

(60 Minutes) $90

This is a back to the basics classic facial treatment that is necessary for regular maintenance for the skin.

Balancing Facial

(Acne Facial)

(60 Minutes) $105

This facial treatment will include the use of AHA’s and BHA's to keep the skin cells turning and stopping them from forming a plug, we will use an enzyme masque with contrast hydrotherapy to detox the skin of acne. This treatment is for acne prone skin to keep in balance & maintain healthy skin.

Custom Express Facial

(20- 60 minutes) $50-$150

This treatment includes Cleanse exfoliate, extractions and treatment mists, serums, and moisturizers. This facial can turn into a custom facial by adding on treatments for clients’ skin type, condition, and concerns.



Timeless Facial

(Anti-Aging Facial w/ Microcurrent)

(90 minutes) $175

Power Packed Facial (Men’s facial)

(90 minutes) $130

This facial address folliculitis issues and pays special attention to the skin underneath bearded areas.

Chocolate Papaya Facial

(60 Minutes)  $105

Great for skin that needs deep cleansing and calming, great for oily break out prone skin.

Calming & Soothing Facial

(Anti stress or inflammation facial)

 (60 minutes) $105

Great for skin that has erythema is dry or dehydrated has spider veins or broken capillaries. This is a relaxing treatment, that is great for stressed out bodies and skin, you will also notice immediate effects on the skin.

Queen Taylor Facial Treatments

All facial treatments are to be performed weekly.

Acne Clinic

(30 minutes)

 Series of 4 $300

Chemical Peel Treatment

 (30 minutes)

 Series of 4 $400 or $120 each

 Ultimate Enzyme Peel Treatment

(30 minutes) $110


(30 minutes)

Series of 4 $400 or $120 each

Diamond Peel Resurfacing Treatment

Manual Microdermabrasion

(30) Minutes

Series of 4 $400 or $120 each



Queen Taylor Body Treatments

Advanced Back Facial

45 minutes $160

Body Massage

60 minutes $110

Hot Stone Body Massage

90 Minutes $150

Detoxifying & Purifying Body Massage

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

80 minutes $165

Fountain of youth Toning Body Massage

 (30 minutes) $90

 (60 minutes) $180

Tightening & Toning Treatments

(60 minutes)  

Series of 6 $1320 or $220 each

Cellulite Treatments

(60 minutes)   

Series of 6 $1320 or $220 each


Queen Taylor Menu
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