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  • 6/14/22- Enzyme Peel Treatment Class
  • 7/5/22- Diamond Peel Treatment Class
  • 8/9/22- Aestheticians Peel Class
  • 9/6/22- Medi-Peel Class
  • Best for sun damaged, dry skin, fine lines, and aging.
  • Ideal for Fitzpatrick’s 1-4 1.0 pH.
  • Over time, repeated sun exposure will damage your skin and cause wrinkles to develop.
  • Trichloroacetic acid is a modified form of acetic acid, the same ingredient that is found in vinegar. While its exfoliating ability is strong, it is also self-neutralizing, which means it deactivates after removing dead skin cells. As a kerato-coagulant, it also hardens proteins in the skin and contributes to firmer appearance. TCA is used to treat a variety of skin conditions: Pigmentation issues, including brown spots caused by the sun, can be reduced by TCA peels. Problem skin texture can be improved, leaving you with a smooth, supple appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles, and some very mild forms of acne can also be treated with TCA.
  • This Peel has 25% TCA acid. **Contains Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract.

Rejuvenate Medi-Peel 2oz.

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