Massage Oils & Cremes

  • Hemp Moisturizing Oil: Great as a massage cream or to neutralize our Calming and Clarifying Chemical Peel. Great to use in our Detox Masque to allow the masque to moisturize and balance the skin. The Moisturizing Hemp Oil can be used at the end of a facial instead of an emulsification on dry skin as it moisturizes without clogging the pores. *Contains Hemp


  • Royale Oil: For skin that is in pain, works well in anti-stress treatment such as indirect high frequency massage. For the client who has skin barrier issues. Use as a relaxing massage oil or in our Detox Masque to treat ultra-sensitized skin. Reduces dryness. Clearer pores, reduces acne, Royale Oil is anti-inflammatory and will aide in reducing redness and irritation, relieves dermatitis, relives itching. *Contains 400 mg of CBD